There are a lot of humans that make up the Australian and New Zealand wedding industry, and here at Hello May, right here on our blog and directory and in our magazine, we attempt to thin the herd for you by rounding up the best of the best.

Then, just for shits and giggles, once a year we bring those same humans (our longest standing advertisers and most regular contributors) together to say thanks for being so super, for with out them our pages would be blank and our hearts empty. They really do make what we do (bringing inspiration to you) so damn easy.

As with any good wedding, this particular party would never have happened with out the help of some seriously talented industry vendors! We had invitations by West Oz calligrapher The Articulate designed up and promptly sent out, and our friends from Sydney based styling and furniture/prop hire outfit Blessed Days pulled all the necessary pieces together (hay bales, festoon lighting, gorgeous glassware etc.) and made it all look magical as the sun went down.

Jo from Garnish Creative Catering in Berry waltzed into town and whipped up one of her legendary feasting tables complete with a 12 hour smoked ham (that was demolished right to the bone it was so delicious) and arancini balls your guests will still be talking about six months down the line.

We Play Records read the room like it was nobody’s business and had everyone shaking their groove thang well past midnight, whilst In An Instant Photography kept us all thoroughly entertained with their awesome photo booth, complete with floral crowns and greenery from Sydney floral styling geniuses The Sisters.

As everyone mulled around the That Vintage Caravan bar and Sammy and Lola Vegas lights, resting their drinks on merlot barrels from The Barrel Company and munching on donuts from Grumpy Donuts, Bree and Kieran from Kieran Moore Photography snapped away, capturing every hilarious moment and gorgeous details like the pros they are.


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CREDITS Photos Kieran Moore Photography // Catering Garnish Creative Catering // Hire items and styling Blessed Days // Photo Booth In An Instant Photography // Entertainment We Play Records // Bar That Vintage Caravan // Flowers The Sisters // Invitation The Articulate // Dessert Grumpy Donuts // Lights Sammy and Lola // Merlot Barrels The Barrel Company.