We love our Hello Vendor profiles. It’s a great opportunity for you, our dear reader, to meet the faces behind the brand and learn what makes them tick. We’ve chatted to everyone from photographers to florists to stationery designers and today we were lucky enough to sit down with Queenslander Alana from Weddings by Popular Demand to learn all the things only a celebrant knows about putting together the perfect ceremony. Take it away Alana…

Tell us a bit about your journey to become a celebrant? It was always something I had in the back of my mind to one day give a go. Along with becoming a Vegas Show Girl and Master Chef contestant. I’d been working in the wedding industry for years and loved being behind the scenes. A year ago I was in a car accident and my injuries forced me to have a good think about how I could continue working in weddings and be there for my young family more. After a friend in the biz suggested that my kooky personality and dorky flamboyance would be a hit as a celebrant the wheels were suddenly in motion.Weddings by Popular Demand has been a runaway train ever since (the fun kind, not a catastrophic derailment.. yet).

What do you love most about your job? I love meeting couples that are just as excited to write up and rock out a really authentic and personal ceremony just as much as I am. Almost every couple I marry are the kind of chilled folk I would seek out as friends. Our meetings could go on forever because we keep going off track talking about music or whatever Game of Thrones or Orange is the New Black episode that was aired the night before.

Describe your personality in three words? Loud, Creative and Busy.

Words of wisdom for couples planning a wedding? Think about what elements of a tradition or typical ceremony that you agree with and how (or why) you would incorporate them into your wedding. If there are elements that you’re not comfortable with, ditch em – unless they are legally required, in that case tell your celebrant and see if they have any creative ideas to make it work better for you and your partner. Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean you have to do it that way too. Break the mould with your ceremony and write your own story.

Fave style of wedding? Eclectic colour.. Is that a thing? Fun, bright, charming and relaxed.

Do you generally do a rehearsal with the couple before their big day? Yes and no. I’ll always grab a drink with them sometime that week and go through our ideas and drafts. Some want to do a walk through and quick run down of things at the location. Others are really keen to keep it spontaneous and fresh as the magic unfolds on the day.

Top three songs to walk down the aisle to? Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. You’re The One That I Want (cover) by Angus and Julia and Stone. All You Need is Love by The Beatles.

Last time you cried at a wedding? Last weekend. There was a lash in my eye I swear.

Fave Brisbane venues? Mirra, Lightspace and The Triffid, not sure if you can have a wedding there but it would be rad if you could.

Advice for couples trying to write their own vows? Ponder on the everyday-ness of being married. What you hope it to be like, the real version, the who forgets to take the wheelie bin out’ argument version and why you think you will still love them during those moments.

Tell us a little bit about Gatsby Gosling (the dog)? Gatsby Gosling A.K.A Gats is my sidekick, partner in crime and my make believe love child with Ryan Gosling. He’s a Taurus, enjoys chasing my furry firstborn cat Esther and my daughter is convinced his favourite food is carrots. He’s a Zuchon (Bichon Frise x Shih Tzu) but prefers to be styled like a Schnauzer.

In another life you would be? a travel guide writer specialising in areas known for producing cheese.

When I was getting married I wish someone told me? That it was possible to hate your husband and love them in equal parts at the same time and to forget what it was you were so passionately arguing about before your burrito order was served..mmm burrito. What was the question again?

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CREDITS Photo Millyjane Photographer // Celebrant Weddings by Popular Demand // Makeup Blissful Makeup // Hair Hair by Popular Demand.