Our Hello Vendor profiles give you the opportunity to put a face to some of our favourite industry names and learn what makes them tick. We’ve introduced you to celebrants, bridal gown designers, musicians and cinematographers and here we are again, introducing you to Simon of Sydney based jewellery label Grew & Co. Over to you sir…

Tell us a little about your background? I was always curious and fascinated by rocks and minerals as a kid. I still have a pile of crystals that I collected from back then. I loved drawing pretty much anything and then trying to make it. The process of figuring things out was always the challenge and I really enjoyed working with my hands.

How did you get into the jewellery making game? I met a jeweller when I was 14 and was just amazed by the craft… That’s where the obsession began.

Describe your design style in three words. Refined, timeless and innovative.

Tell us something we never knew about diamonds… Diamonds are millions of years old and in some cases over three billion years old!

Most popular cut? Cushion cut. We love the cushion brilliants!

Favourite stones to work with? Jade both lavender and imperial jade. I also love working with the electric colours available in Garnets and Tourmalines. The iridescent blues, vivid greens and the honey like colours in mandarin garnets.

Talk us through the process of a custom designed ring… After the first initial appointment where ideas and inspiration have been shared a concept is formed… We carefully consider both form and function, realising ideas with detailed hand sketches while offering suggestions to refine the design further bringing the concept to it’s full potential. Where applicable we provide detailed 3D illustrations of the proposed design combining actual proportions of intended gemstones, your finger size and the designs structural elements.

A follow up consultation provides an opportunity to discuss the finer elements of the design as well as selecting from an array of suitable diamonds and gemstones we’ve hand picked based on your specifications. The process and story behind each piece are intrinsic aspects of having an article custom made.

How long does it usually take? Depending on the complexity of the design a piece can be made in a two to three week timeframe however some designs from concept to creation take around four to six weeks to make.

What do your prices start at? Our accessories start from around $350. The wedding rings can start from around $300.

Where you source your stones from? From many spectrums across the globe, we have sources locally and both abroad from Germany, India, USA and the list goes on. We aim to track down the most beautiful examples from nature in natural and coloured diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls and even sourcing rare metals to craft and design with.

What’s the oldest tool in your shed? A set of my grandfather’s ring sizing sets. My grandfather worked for one of the largest department stores in the world at the time with a whopping 52 acres in size of retail space called Anthony Hordern’s in Sydney. At the time he worked on the jewellery counter and this was one of his sets which funnily enough I discovered after starting in the jewellery making business.

Upcoming wedding ring trends? The trend we are seeing for ladies wedding rings is all about stacking! For the gents a striking new metal that is rarer than gold called Tantalum. It’s naturally a dark graphite grey colour… It is heavy in weight and has the most insane durability. We can texture and inlay it and considering too that we are just one of a handful of jewellers in the world working with it makes it a pretty unique but also a prized material to have as a wedding ring.

Can readers score 10% off? Yes we would love to offer Hello May readers 10% off custom wedding rings just let us know you’re a Hello May reader.

If you missed our interview with Simon in issue nine of Hello May, be sure to check out Chloe and Henry’s real wedding and read what they had to say about Simon’s handiwork. You can also find out more by clicking here and viewing their portfolio on the Hello May directory. Big thanks to Sydney and destination wedding photographer Scott Surplice Photography for the gorgeous photos of Simon at work!

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CREDITS Photos Scott Surplice Photography // Rings Grew & Co.