Today we are over the moon to introduce to a Niki Simpson Hair & Makeup. Recently, Niki was part of Ali and Nick’s big day, making all the girls’ hair look incredible for a beautiful celebration at one of our fave Sydney venues, The Boathouse in Palm Beach. Ali said of her day with Niki there, “Nikki was fantastic – I had another trial before her where I was nervous I’d only be able to get ‘prom’ hair for my wedding. I didn’t want to feel too done up, and Nikki found a perfect mix of polished but relaxed for me, and incorporated the Johanna Johnson headpiece I’d fallen in love with.”

So lets learn a little more about this talented Sydney based vendor!

Tell us a little about your background? I am one of those creative people who always has to be busy and looking for the next challenge. I have had a few different careers, from acting to photography to media and now makeup.  I feel I’ve learnt so much along the way that now helps me to run my own business.

How did you get into the H+M game? In 2008 I was looking for a new creative skill and a friend suggested we do a short makeup course together.  I have always loved art, painting and photography and acted on the stage since I was young, so combining elements of both loves sounded like a lot of fun.  I did the course, fell in love with makeup and ended up going on to complete my Cert 4 in Makeup and run my own business.

Talk us through a typical day in the Niki Simpson H+M studio? With a young baby there’s no typical day really, but I do try to attend to my emails each day Monday to Friday and respond to inquiries from potential clients within 24 hrs plus check my Facebook page and post some pics from a recent bride’s wedding or a beauty tip.  I also do makeup for photo shoots during the week and scour beauty blogs and Youtube reviews to keep with with latest products.  The week may also include a trip to MAC or some online shopping for new products!  Weekends are mostly weddings in Autumn, Spring and Summer and spending time with my hubby and daughter.

Where do you find your inspiration? Inspiration can come from anywhere really, but I keep up with makeup and fashion trends online and in magazines.

Do you have a favourite ceremony and/or reception venue? Where I got married!  Summerlees at Sutton Forrest in the NSW Southern Highlands…I love the rustic charm and elegance of a country wedding.

Fave makeup tip? If you accidentally blink and smudge your mascara don’t rub it off!  Wait for it to dry first then using the tip of a cotton bud it should just flake off.

Product you can’t live without? Moisturiser and a good lip balm.

Advice to brides…Make sure you have a series of facials and a fruit peel in the lead up to your big day.  The difference to how the makeup applies is incredible and your skin will look plump and glowing!

niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house2 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house-wedding2 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house-wedding3 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house3 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house4 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house-wedding4 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house-wedding5 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house5 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house-wedding6 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house6 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house-wedding7 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house-wedding8 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house7 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house8 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house9 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house10 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house11 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house-wedding9 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house12 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house13 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house14 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house15 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house-wedding10 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house16 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house-wedding11 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house17 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house18 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house19 niki-simpson-hair-makeup-sydney-the-boat-house20

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