So you have picked up your copy of issue two of Hello May magazine and you’ve seen, being the kind and generous folk our parents raised us to be, that we are giving away a full day wedding photography package for every state* in Australia.

Valued at a whopping $4000** each, that’s $28,000 worth of photographic goodness. The competition is open to any couple set to tie the knot in 2014 who are yet to book their wedding photographer (ie: if you have paid a deposit with another photographer you are not eligible to enter).

You are here now because you have devoured issue two and read up on what you have to do to be in the running to win such a bounty, and now you are keen to know a little bit about the man behind the NSW prize…

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the lovely Scott, of Scott Surplice Photography. Not only was Scott nice enough to donate his time, talents and skills to one lucky reader, he also took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down and have a chat with us so you could get to know a little more about the creative soul potentially charged with the task of committing your wedding day to film, or pixels as technology would have it. Take it away Scott…

How long have you been taking photos? Gosh, I can’t remember. Mum bought me a little plastic film camera, which was red and took these film cartridges when I was about 10. It was pretty exciting to see the results even though they weren’t any good. I bought a digital camera when they first came out, but traded it back in for a film camera after 6 months because it was hard showing people the photos. Photo labs and the interweb weren’t yet ready for the digital age. I finally got back into digital again in 2008 when I got my hands on a DSLR, that’s when the obsession really took a firm grip.

Best thing about shooting weddings is…Without a doubt it’s the people. I’ve met some amazing people and I get to share some unforgettable experiences with them. I feel very lucky and can’t wait to see who I’ll get to work with next.

What’s your all time favourite reception location to shoot at? Anywhere off the beaten track. Somewhere where the couple can really make the wedding their own and lets them be who they want to be. Oh, and it also helps if there are some cool locations nearby for photos. If I had to be specific Merribee and Summerlees are cool venues.

Describe your shooting style in 3 words. Fearless, honest and fun

Last time you cried at a wedding? My vision can get a little blurry during the speeches. When there’s a lot of genuine love and emotion in the room it’s hard not to get caught up in it. It does make me wish my own family was there so I could share in the hugs and kisses.

Advice for those of us who can get a little nervous in front of the lens? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Look deep within yourself and find your inner turtle. Picture crawling out of your shell, throw it to the side, (you don’t need that old thing anymore!), and show me the awesomeness that you’ve got hiding under there. Or, I’ll start with some easier stuff to get you warmed up while chatting to try and get you as comfortable as possible. If I can show that I’m relaxed and comfortable it usually goes a long way.

All time fave ‘first dance’ song…. Time of the Season by The Zombies. The best first dance song without a doubt.

Talk to us about one of your fave weddings, pictured below… It would have to be Rick and Claire’s wedding at Merribee, for a number of reasons. Mainly the people: Rick + Claire. They had me around their house for dinner a couple of times before the wedding and we talked about almost everything under the sun…including their wedding. Getting to know them so well beforehand meant everyone was so relaxed on the day and I really felt their trust. I was more than just a person hired to do a job. I felt part of it. The event was set on the Merribee property, which is a beautiful setting for a wedding. In addition to all of the natural eye candy Merribee has to offer Claire, Rick and their family basically hand crafted every single little piece of styling that appeared. Many, many, many hours of love went into that wedding and it was there for all to see and feel.

Thank you Scott! If you are keen to check  out more of Scott’s work you can pay his website a visit here and follow him on Instagram here.

We are all about supporting local business here at Hello May and think it would be great if you could head on over to Scott’s Facebook page and gave him an enthusiastic thumbs up, as Scott will be announcing the NSW winner here on Monday 12 August, 2013.

Entries close on Monday 5 August, 2013.

* Sorry NT we unearthed no willing participants. 
** Travel costs not included. 

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