Our Hello Vendor profiles offer creative couples and brides and grooms to-be the opportunity to meet the clever humans behind the brand. It gives you a chance to put a face to the name and allows you to gain some insight into what makes the creative souls you are hiring to shoot/design/bake/style your wedding tick. Today we bring you Courtney and Steph from Short and Spook – a full wedding styling and event service based in Melbourne. Over to you ladies…

Tell us a little about your backgrounds? Courtney: I studied pubic relations and spent a few years working in media. I spent every other waking moment at Steph’s house working on D.I.Y. projects and talking about our dreams of having a creative business together.

Steph: I started with the dream of working in theatre, building and designing sets for the stage, which lead me to study Theatre Arts. After graduating, I worked part time for an amazing visual merchandising company and went on to study at RMIT.

How did you get into the styling game? Steph: I was in visual merchandising and Courtney was working in media, both dreaming of working for ourselves one day.  We would spend all of our spare time together having craft days; making decorations and “re-inventing” old clothing. Friends began asking us to make decorations for their parties and when the weddings began, we started styling!

Where did the name Short and Spook come from? Courtney: We are asked this question a lot! Short & Spook were our high school nicknames. Once ‘Short & Spook’ was said out loud as our possible business name, it felt so right that we couldn’t think of anything else to call ourselves.

Talk us through a typical day in the Short and Spook studio? Steph: A typical day in the studio begins with a quick catch up in the kitchen over a cup of earl grey tea for Courtney and a long black for me. We discuss all the exciting events that has occurred since we last saw each other, you would be surprised what can happen over night! The rest of our day is filled with fun tasks such as making custom decorations or researching where to find the best blush coloured, giant balloons. Our desks face each other so we ‘think out loud’ and discuss absolutely everything we do. We always leave the studio and sit outside when we need to brainstorm and talk creatives. All of this is done with a constant flow of tea and coffee and signing along to 90’s radio.

Where do you find your inspiration? Steph: There are a few photographers that we follow closely and I would have to say that the way they capture the feeling and style of each couple definitely inspires us. Like them, we want to help tailor each wedding to each couple so it suits and reflects them perfectly. But most of all we are inspired by our couples, who are the most amazing people with the most inspiring dreams and ideas. Together, we are an unstoppable team and anything is possible!

Do you have a favourite ceremony and/or reception venue to style and why?  Courtney: I am a backyard and private property fan! I love starting from scratch and having to plan every last detail of a wedding from the cutlery to the ladies bathroom needs; building outdoor bathroom sinks and mirrors is a favourite of ours!

Steph: It would have to be one of our first weddings. It was in Yea, Victoria, for our friends Lily and Cam on Cam’s family farm. It was the first time we really threw ourselves into the world of weddings and it fuelled our passion for styling and designing. We got to spend the whole week up on the farm, with the groom’s family and their bridal party, building arbors and covering rusty water tanks in big paper flowers with copper leaves. Definitely a favourite!

Any advice four couples on the fence about hiring a wedding planner and stylist? What are the benefits?  Courtney: Someone you can talk weddings with 24/7 and they will never loose enthusiasm! An inspiring, fun and memorable experience. Peace of mind in the lead up and a wonderful surprise on the day when all the work has been done for you and it seems completely effortless.

What kind of things can you help a couple out with?  Steph: We offer a fun and collaborative planning and styling experience. We work together with our couples to create a wedding day that is personalised to them. Our couples have as much input as they like and can take on some of the jobs themselves if they choose. This allows our couples to have all the benefits of having stylist but still make their own mark on their day and keep their budget down.

If you only had $500 left in your wedding budget what would you spend it on?  Steph: I would split it, and use it to extend the time of the drinks service, the band and the photographer. You definitely want these three to last for as long as possible. Courtney: Lighting; fairy lights or festoon lights! Lighting is key to creating that romantic atmosphere.

Describe your style in three words. Steph: Collaborative, personal and fun.

When I was getting married I wish someone told me to…  Steph: Hire a planner or stylist even if it is just to set up on the day for you. If you attempt it all on your own, you will be tired, very tired! Courtney: Spend the time and money to get the photographer that you love! This is one of the most important things. You will treasure your photos forever.

We featured Steph’s gorgeous wedding on the blog a few months back. Photographed by Mitch Pohl and styled (of course!) by Short and Spook, you can check out a few snippets below or click here to take in the whole shebang!












CREDITS Photos Mitch Pohl // Event planning and stylist  Short and Spook.