Hello Lovers!

This very little spot is where your forever truly begins.

There you both are standing together holding hands looking incredibly amazing and feeling all those wedding day feels whilst surrounded by all your favourite people. Today is the day of days. The day each of you declare to the whole entire world that this is it. This is your all in.

Your ceremony opens with your love story, nothing cheesy, just what you both love about each other, maybe it was a moment that had you both crying with laughter or possibly it was something rather literal like just doing life together. All the while your family and friends are tuning in with excited energy as they clap and cheer you both on.

Elegance and fun, classy yet modern with a twist on the traditional is what you will expect from me. I absolutely promise there will be no boring cliche’s of love or even recipe’s on how to make it, because your ceremony is authentic and real and you.

Your vibe has been set and your ceremony is amazing, this alone will kickstart your day off with the perfect tone. Your guests are ready to celebrate you and let’s do that because why not, you deserve all the love and let’s carry that energy into your reception with me as your MC, it makes sense right, I already know all the things about you both so I might as well be your official mingler, reception coordinator the one who ensures all formalities are met.

It’s your wedding day. So, let’s celebrate you!

Big Love
Amber Xx