Behind The Veil Music is Adelaide’s leading music agency of acoustic soloists, duos, bands, pianists, DJs, string ensembles, and harpists. Comprising of an assembly of musicians with a reputation that proceeds each one of them.

With a permanent spot on the wedding and event scene, popular musical duo and BTVM owners and managers, Jake & Amy, understand a wedding day like the back of their hand and will guide you towards creating your dream day. They will be the hand that helps you pick the perfect musician(s) and coordinate your day to make the most of the power of music.

You need live music on your wedding day because of its ability to create whimsical atmospheres, touch every heart, and explain a feeling you can’t. Behind The Veil Music stands alone because its musicians turn heads. Each one encapsulates class, filling hearts and forging togetherness amongst the people you love most.

With a guitar strum, a beat of a drum, sweet metaphors, and melodies about love, Behind The Veil Music has it in spades and is here to help. Get in touch with them to take you one step closer to music that moves.