Hello darlings,

Are you ready to create the best ceremony that you have ever been to!?

I am the ultimate happy celebrant, crowd pleaser, party starter, ceremony coordinator, and honorary bridesmaid and I set the tone for your whole entire wedding. Getting married and being in love is something that should be celebrated and I make sure your guests are involved with the ceremony cheering you on, YAY!

From the moment your guests take their seats my first PSA is that this is not an everyday wedding, so get ready to have some fun! Then for the next 30 minutes, I present a uniquely crafted and personalised ceremony that includes lots of modern and trending ideas. If it’s trending on Instagram, chances are my couples are doing it!

After a ceremony guests will often ask me how long I’ve been friends with the couple for, and when that happens I know I’ve completely nailed the ceremony – because it is so YOU.

You will see me with a smile on my face the whole day, I welcome your family with open arms and look after your grandparents, children, fur babies and guests because I genuinely love people.

Now that your guests are ready to partay, why not have me stay on for the after-party too? I’m a killer EMCEE and I will have the formalities over as early as possible and will make sure that the dance floor is full. Give your guests the night off to relax you’re in great hands!

If you’re after a wedding day that screams VIBES I’m your gal and I cannot wait to meet you xx