Authenticity. Sincerity. Lightheartedness. Being free-spirited, real AF and yes, I’ll say it, even sacred at times.

If you’re a pair of lovers that hold these values dear too, then the stars have aligned and you’re in the right place. I love bringing time-stopping, deep-feeling, cliche-shattering experiences to people’s lives – it makes being a marriage celebrant the best job ever.

I like to call it ‘anchoring eternal moments’ because when you are truly in the here and now during your ceremony, it will become a touchstone in the space-time continuum that you can return to whenever you want. You won’t necessarily remember what was said, but you will remember how you felt – I promise that Maya Angelou’s wisdom on this point is always 100% correct.

I’m on a mission to prove that the art of ceremony and rituals are worth injecting back into modern life. When we get to know each other so well that your wedding ceremony is completely personalised and authentically YOU, we create something magical together. Your guests will already think we’ve known each other for years, so we’ll probably end up being friends for life too – that’s just how I roll.

I’m a bohemian at heart, roaming nomadically between Byron Bay and Brissy and am ALWAYS up for travelling to any destination for a love fest.

I can’t wait to connect with you!

Ann xx