Hi there,

Congratulations on your engagement!

I hope you’re enjoying the planning process, you’re in the best place for it, I’m very happy to be here amongst some incredibly talented suppliers. I’m Cooper, I’m a husband, dad, and lover of a simple life, I trail-run, surf, and laze in the park with family and friends.
I find immense satisfaction in being a wedding photographer, it’s my creative outlet, I love everything about it, from the initial meet and conversations, the planning and location scouting, and of course being a part of the intimate energy on the day that has been so carefully curated.
I take my role of capturing your visual story with upmost respect, as I know how much time, love and thought goes into planning a unique wedding, and I want to photograph it in a way that represents you.
My presence on the day is calm, confident and friendly, easily blending in with your guests. My style is emotive, candid & contemporary, unobtrusive yet thorough. I have a sharp sense of knowing what’s coming and where to be to capture that moment, whether that’s a loving interaction with your grandma, a discreet finger touch during ceremony, or big expansive landscapes that all add to a comprehensive, beautifully authentic gallery that is the storybook of your wedding day, because so much is happening all around you, and you deserve to relive it all.
I am 100% here to help you with achieving your photography desires.

Best wishes, Coop