We design and make unconventional engagement rings for rule breakers and story makers. This is jewellery that speaks to your values around individuality, sustainability and love.

The engagement rings we love to create are delightfully bold and intensely personal. Each one starts with a story and ends with a piece of jewellery that couldn’t have been made for anyone else. This may be a minimal diamond ring with a hidden message. Or a wild and wonderful design with an ethically sourced sapphire bursting with colour.

You’ll fit right in here if…

– You don’t wear more than a few sentimental pieces because you’ve never seen anything that’s right for you.
– The rings you see in shop windows and glossy magazines make you feel uninspired, unheard and unrepresented.
– You’re searching for a piece that tells your story. A piece you won’t see on anyone else’s finger.

We believe in standing out, not following the crowd. If you want something unconventional, quirky and wildly different, we’ll be the first to say “go for it”!

So what’s the design process like, you ask? Instead of starting with “what size diamond do you want?” we might ask about what makes you happy, colours that move you, or your favourite people in the world. You get updates and work-in-progress shots while we translate your story, find its sparkle and turn it into a highly personalised keepsake.

Book a call on the website to start the conversation. We can’t wait to meet you!