Welcome to Feather & Finch Photography, where moments of love transform into timeless works of art. We’re Ryan and Rick, the passionate duo behind the lens, and we’re all about weaving captivating visual stories that reflect the heart and soul of your journey.

Capturing love stories through the lens, we strive to immortalise the genuine moments that define your unique journey together. From the enchanting glances to the tender embraces, we focus on every brushstroke of your love story, transforming it into a timeless and cherished masterpiece.

We’re not your average wedding photographers; we’re your personal storytellers, whispering the tale of your love in each frame. From the sparkle in your eyes to the laughter that echoes through the day, we seek out the details that make your love story uniquely yours.

Nature is our greatest collaborator. We dance with the golden rays of sunset, embrace the soft hues of twilight, and chase the elusive charm of moonlit moments. The world is our stage, and your love is the shining star.

But here’s the secret sauce: we’re not just here to capture photos. We’re here to create an unforgettable experience. We’re your confidants, your friends, and your biggest cheerleaders. We’ll be there to calm those pre-wedding jitters and share a tear of joy during the vows.

So let’s ditch the cookie-cutter poses and embrace the realness. Our mission is simple