Godavari Diamonds. Celebrating the eternal gift of love.

Godavari is a diamond brand founded on the principles of sustainable luxury, mindful design and bespoke craftsmanship. The Godavari marque heralds these principles along with the element of surprise, a moment in time to be remembered forever.

Based in New Zealand, this family-owned business works with local artisans to craft beautifully iconic jewellery. The Godavari gift packaging experience is essential to the brand, with carefully considered and unique packaging created and finished by hand in New Zealand.

This strong focus on local sustainability is at the very core of Godavari’s connection to people and place. Godavari has been awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark, meeting the highest standards of verified innovation, environmental performance and point of sale transparency.

Using the Godavari precious metal globe, bespoke rings can be designed together with a jeweller at any time, to suit each couple’s individual style and commitment.For someone special or as a special gift for oneself, the investment in the everlasting beauty of a Godavari diamond is the beautifully considered choice.

Godavari Founder Jane Bell has a unique vision; to disrupt the loose diamond market by designing human connectedness into every touchpoint.

“We love the simplicity, origin, and tradition of gifting diamonds. There is a romance, a story that talks to the loving bonds in relationships