Centrally located in Melbourne’s CBD, Higher Ground brings a unique charm to any event. This multi-level space beautifully intertwines modern elegance with historic charm. From weddings to cocktail parties, Higher Ground crafts unforgettable experiences with meticulous detail, luxurious furnishings, and ample space for guests to admire the venue’s grandeur.

Situated in Melbourne’s bustling CBD, Higher Ground stands as an exceptional event space offering an unforgettable experience for all types of gatherings. Occupying a heritage-listed power station from the 1890s, the venue weaves six levels around the original brick structure, radiating a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Be it a wedding in Melbourne or any notable celebration, Higher Ground prudently attends to your needs, ensuring every detail is perfectly in place. The venue is tastefully adorned with luxurious furnishings, contemporary accents, and verdant plant life, crafting an awe-inspiring setting for your event. Whether it’s a cocktail reception or a formal dinner, Higher Ground presents extensive room for your attendees to explore and appreciate the majestic charm of the entire edifice.