To be the best photographer that ever lived, you’d need the powers of time travel, levitation and invisibility. Now to be upfront with you, I don’t possess any of these traits. But what I do have is a keen awareness of the present, a good vertical leap and some quality camo gear. I can bring the first two traits to your special day.

I pride myself on the ability to connect quickly and deeply with my couples. This is essential to letting you feel relaxed, which translates into emotive photography that could even draw a solitary tear from that stiff upper lipped uncle you see once every 10 years. The kind of photography that brings you back to the moment, like it’s the present, and that you’ll look at together over future anniversary wines.

In order to do that I mix photojournalism with editorial style photography. Kissing grandparents, elegant window pre-ceremony portraits and dance floor mayhem. So many wonderful opportunities on your day and I’ll make sure I get all of them. Plus, I’m a huge analogue film photography fan, with my own darkroom and lab scanner. So, if you’d like a dose of that wonder years nostalgia just hit me up and I’ll be photographing you on film that expired when the Beatles were still touring.

I can’t imagine myself doing anything different. Once you’ve found your passion it becomes a lifelong obsession, and for me, photographing weddings is it. I’d love to be your storyteller.