I marry all people and I bloody love it.

Plain and simple, I love marrying people. It’s a buzz, makes everyone feel good, brings families and friends together and it’s just an all round great time.

I’m not your average celebrant. I won’t give you the stuffy speeches and standard responses. Your love is as unique as you are and I’m here to tell your story. I’m here to make your love personal, swoon-worthy and give people the warm and fuzzies.

I’m me, through and through and I love marrying couples that live on the fun side of life, who don’t take things too seriously and who know how to throw a good party!

I bring the fun, without being over the top. I’m relaxed, but will handle all the things you don’t want to.

I’m your designated hype girl in celebrant form and I can’t wait to marry the shit out of you.