Hi there, my name is Trudy and I am a Brisbane/Sunshine Coast-based marriage celebrant. There is one thing to know about me right now – I laugh…..a LOT!
I create inclusive ceremonies that represent you both as a couple, it’s your day, so everything is put together to shape the ceremony, event or occasion that you have been dreaming about.
My journey as a celebrant started in 2022, before that I was a full-time Yoga Teacher, Child Birth Educator, and Birth Doula in Burpengary. For ten years, this is where my heart was fulfilled and I was absolutely consumed with love.
However, sometimes life just happens, and I needed surgery on my spine, so some aspects of my life had to change, I still really wanted to help people in my own way, so I became a celebrant and I love it!
Meeting new people is so invigorating, helping to create their vision and bring it to life, that’s what I do now, it’s so fulfilling to see the smiles of joy and hear the genuine belly laughter.
l love writing ceremony scripts, adding in your little quirks and perks, and ribbing each other, this is what makes a ceremony all about you.
On a personal note, I love yoga, exercise, having coffee and catching up with friends, and walking along with beach with my husband (I know it’s a cliché). My motto is to have fun and that’s what I do every single day.
If you’re looking for someone who makes it feel like your slightly wacky best friend just married you, then you have just found your celebrant!