We are Tina and Doruk – Adventurers and Dreamers, Visual Poets.

We love belly laughs and happy tears with our couples just as much as we love an editorial moment, dreamy skies, mountain sunsets, the woods, the sea and all things in-between.

Born in Berlin and Istanbul, we grew up immersed in art and surrounded by incredible architecture, fashion, epic food, our own outrageous multi-day family celebrations and scenery. All of these are woven into our hearts and shape how we perceive the people and the world around us. We can always see sprinkles of these elements in our wedding photos and films.

We both have big, warm personalities and will forever support you in having the wedding of your dreams – whatever that means to you both.

To us, the simple secret to some truly unforgettable moments {and photos} is a stress-free day where you both can be fully present with each other and your favourite people. After more than a decade on the tools, we know what questions to ask months before your wedding to create our photo runsheet and remove any potential bumps along the way long before they can even become an issue.

In everything we do, we honestly just want you to dance through your day together, drinks in hand, without a care in the world, whilst knowing that you will get absolutely everything you want out of your photography experience with us.

Congratulations on finding your person! How good is love.. we’ll have our 10th anniversary in 2024 and can’t wait.