Fun first and stress free baby.

I’m Luke – your new bald headed friend.
My goal as a photographer is to give you a gallery that instantly takes you back to the fun and allows you to experience the emotion all over again from your wedding day.
I’ve got a strict no BS policy – so no fake laughs with your bridal party, no crummy titanic poses during the portraits and the most important one is a drink in hand. The photos should almost feel like we’re just going for a walk and a talk with a bevvy or two along with a few of your closest friends and fam.

With a more natural and ‘candid’ photojournalistic approach you won’t catch me asking your mum to hug you again so I can force the photo but you will see me ready to go the moment your mum spills her red down your dads fancy wedding shirt after a few too many, find me on the dance floor down with you while you’re grinding the wine covered dance floor to the single greatest song in existence… Smack That by Akon… and definitely snapping bangers of your grandpa as he takes a quick nap during the speeches – a true power move.

Itching to chat with you and give you some killer memories that’ll last a lifetime xoxo.