Hi, my name is Michael Vos. I am a singer & guitarist/ looper (like Ed Sheeran). I also own and run Spin it DJs. Together we get to be a part of over 120 weddings each year. With me performing live covers from when guests arrive & continuing live throughout the day, through to one of my incredible DJs taking over for the party end of the night. We bring the music, speakers, mics and lights, and have your whole day covered in all the best ways possible.

Covering music from old jazz classics & rock, to RnB & country and everything in between, my favourite part is putting my own unique twist into every song.

My own personal highlight part of a wedding is in the ceremony. Getting to sing you down the aisle is such a special moment and doing it live takes all the pressure of you and the girls with having to worry about timing. Because it’s live, I get to customise the song on the fly, making sure I hit that perfect part, right as you walk.

Weddings are so much more than a job for us. Being married myself, I understand how special a day it is and I truly take it to heart and feel so honoured to be a part of it with you.

I hope we can be a part of your special day soon.