People ask us:

“How long have you been married?”
“Are you guys siblings?”

Don’t let the matching glasses fool you, we’re not related, by birth or by marriage – Mitch is unlikely to marry a woman anytime soon 😉

We’re a best-friend-photo-video-team and we love how that shines through, even when we’re confused for bro and sis or an old married couple. What could be better than doing what you love with your bestie for a living?

Tijana reckons Mitch is the ultimate hopeless romantic, even when he’s falling just as hard for the bride’s Jimmy Choos as he is for the bride. Need a hype girl for the day? Congrats – you got Mitch. Already got a hype girl? Well, now you have two.

Mitch reckons that beneath Tijana’s girl boss exterior beats the heart of another hopeless romantic – she cries at every ceremony, but the tears are water off a duck’s back, a duck who keeps your day flowing like tears at a ceremony. Think of how it takes a team of 10 to get Kim K looking effortless in those sweatpants. Well, you’re Kim, and Tijana is that team.

We create the ideal marriage (pun intended) of documentary and intentional styles of video and photo. Candid and directed moments that capture you and your people at their very best, usually with Mitch on video and Tijana on stills, although we’re both ‘verse’… especially Mitch 😉

We might cross the occasional boundary, accidentally become your best friends for the day, and get damn near as emotional as you – but hey, that’s where the magic is.