We are Storm and Xavier, the loved up couple behind the camera.

Memories are a huge part of what makes us who we are, as photographers and film-makers our job is to create strong links back to those defining memories of your wedding. So, whilst we like to keep it casual on the big day, we take this whole wedding thing pretty seriously! We are here to keep you relaxed, comfortable and to capture the moments that will become your most treasured memories.

We both have a down to earth nature and believe that this translates into our work. We are big believers in documenting the day in its truest form, we like to let the day unfold in front of us organically and only stepping in to give prompts or suggestions when the light is hitting a spot juuuust right! We celebrate all forms of love and are here for those couples looking to celebrate their love, their quirks, and their future together.

We want to hear all about your wedding plans so drop us a line and let’s make magic happen!