I take a gentle touch approach, and prioritise work that represents how it felt. As a photographer, I recognise the trust placed in me to document a wedding without getting in the way: letting moments unfold naturally, and giving everyone space to be themselves.

I passionately believe that wedding photographs shouldn’t reflect the photographer. They should reflect the wedding. I photograph the type-B’s, the book worms, the fence-jumpers, the ugly criers, the huggers (and the not-huggers), the stoics, the gentle and calm, the silly and the serious.

Approaching the day slowly and selectively on both digital and analog film, I love taking time to watch and gently anticipate moments. I won’t interrupt a hug to fix the veil, move your hand, or ask to do it again for the camera. I will always pick a real moment over a perfected moment because I believe real moments stand the true test of time.

I collect the final photographs as a visual narrative, telling two stories: the joy and bursting excitement of the big moments, and the quiet, warm, soft moments that reveal the unique personalities of two souls in love.

I drink a lot of coffee. I like the smell of burning wood. I like looking at the ocean but I don’t always want to swim in it. I don’t really like caramel but love jersey caramels. I will eat almost anything that is pickled, and I am slightly afraid of birds.