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Rolling Dawn Films

Rolling Dawn Films

Rolling Dawn Films is your friend in the room, celebrating love between all duos on their day of devotion.

We are here to capture in motion that laugh, that atmosphere, that look , those moments that make your wedding day one of the most enchanting memories of your life.

We artfully string together all these moments from your magical day to create the full story of your wedding, of your love.

Rolling Dawn shoots both digitally and on film using Super8, a combination that is elegant, nostalgic and fun. We are all about happiness, love and good times, rolling them all into a truly special film for you to treasure for life.

“There was definitely some sort of affinity with a stills camera early on in my teens. The ability to capture a little moment in time really appealed to me. When I studied photography in art school I was instantly drawn to analog formats and the excitement of not knowing what you had captured until the film was developed.

My grandfather was always the man with the video camera, literally filming everything … literally everything. I loved sitting with him to watch what he had documented and it wasn’t until he passed that I came across his old 60s super8, and it being analog, I instantly fell in love with motion pictures and its ability to capture a heightened interpretation of emotion that a stills camera couldn’t. Now I’m the guy who is literally filming everything”.

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