Yes, HELLO LOVERS! I am here to make your nups feel like a BIG WARM HUG. One that is reciprocated in energy and enthusiasm by your loved ones, and doesn’t go on for too long (as then things can get awkward).

My ceremonies are creative, refreshing, heartfelt and sweet, but most importantly, they are unequivocally YOU! Oozing your personality and sprinkled with delightful (sometimes cheeky) anecdotes, I am here to celebrate you two and your love, in a playful yet sincere way – leaving your guests wondering how long we’ve been best mates.

My business ethos is one of transparency, inclusivity, friendship and fun. No two couples and their love stories are the same, so no two ceremonies should be either.

To make this love affair work, it’s important we vibe and share the same values. If you want your ceremony to be the most memorable part of your celebration, please reach out to see if we’ll hit it off!