The celebrant life chose me, and I have loved every minute. Every month and every year just gets better.

I have getting to know you tuned to perfection, so when I read out your love story anyone would have thought I was there from the first moment you met and got all those corny yet fabulous butterfly feels. Your ceremony is all about you two, without all the bells and whistles, just the simple words to keep you, your family and friends wanting more.

I guide you as little or as much as you like. My lines of communication are always open to reach out for any little niggly idea or question you may have.

Let’s see if I can condense my personality down a little. I laugh with my entire body and my mouth wide open. I live most moments to the fullest, and I have two speeds: fast and in reverse. I love hard, and I nurture even harder. I’m articulate and in the right company I have a potty mouth and a wicked sense of humour. Imagine your favourite naughty Aunty… I’m her.

A bride once said to me “Wow! you are like a love journalist Sharon” and I have been thinking of myself in that way ever since.

I am a Mama to three children, two without fur one with. I am a wife, sometimes a good one and sometimes a not so good one; it is about balance, people!

Get in touch for a chat all things your wedding and see if we are the perfect fit for one another.