Hey there, lovely!

We’re The Lavender Haze, where the best queer photographers and filmmakers in Naarm come together to capture the magic that is you and your babe. I’m Jacinta Oaten, the Creative Director, leading our team in ensuring that your day is captured as authentically as possible.

Our approach to flicks on digital and film is vibrant, candid and intimate, with a touch of editorial vibes. From your first email to the final timeline check-in, I’m with you every step of the way, crafting a personalised approach that reflects your unique connection.

As an all-queer team, we celebrate diversity genuinely and care deeply for each other and community. We’re passionate about connecting with our couples on a real level, and we have decades of combined experience to boot. Our work simply speaks for itself — we love making the most shy of folks feel comfy in front of the lens, which is obvious in the sheer joy bursting from our couples in every shot. Plus, we know how to make everyone look hot AF. Seriously, what more could you want?

Our Naarm studio is nestled in Collingwood. If you fancy saying hi, just look us up and swing by! Do drop me a DM on TLH Insta beforehand to ensure I’m not out shooting. Additionally, starting April 2025, we’ll have a base in London. We can’t wait to expand our stomping ground and capture loved up honeys in both hemispheres. Where are you planning your love fest? Get in touch so we can boogie already!

J & TLH Fam xx