With over 8 years of professional experience as a makeup artist I can honestly say there is nothing that I love more than helping people to look and feel their most beautiful on their wedding day, and any other day!

While I never shy away from a more bold or colourful look, my true expertise lies in a more light-handed approach, enhancing natural beauty rather than covering it up. I’m all about creating a look tailored to the individual – I want to bring out the very best, most authentic ‘you’.

When you search “natural wedding makeup” into Pinterest or Google a lot of gorgeous, but not-so-natural makeup looks appear! Many of my clients wear little to no makeup, and I can really empathise with the fear of looking overly “done” or like a completely different person. My aim is to make sure that when you look in the mirror you feel absolutely radiant and beautiful, but most importantly that you look and feel like you.

I pride myself on creating a calm and joyful atmosphere for your special day – it’s an absolute privilege to be there. I look forward to hearing from you about your special day and answering any questions you may have!