The Peach Club is New Zealand’s award-winning hair and makeup collective. We aren’t ones to brag… but we were voted as best in both hair and makeup categories for the Top NZ Vendor Awards.

We cater to brides across Tamaki Makaurau, including Waiheke Island, where Peach was originally founded, but are also partial to a sunny holiday so will travel on request!

Our unique collective structure means you have the security and confidence of booking a team, so there’s zero chance you could be left in the lurch!

Hand picked by Peach, our already super-talented artists receive in-house training to refine skills, keep up with trends and align with our peachy vibes… like boot camp but less sweat, with more lipstick and hairspray!

Our style is bespoke, we honour our brides uniqueness and don’t offer “signature looks”, ensuring you look and feel like the absolute best version of you!

It’s not just hair and makeup to us, what we offer is a complete experience from your initial inquiry to that final touch-up before you hit the aisle.

Weddings are our passion, or as those close to us would probably say… our obsession! We pride ourselves on providing you with your dream experience to match your dream day.

Head to our website below and submit our bridal inquiry form today!