Hey there legends!

I love nothing more than throwing one hell of a party for my couples – because let’s face it, while wedding formalities are important, there is nothing better than cutting loose with friends and family to your favourite tunes!

I work closely with my couples; getting to know their music tastes, dislikes, and guilty pleasures. Using this music knowledge, while reading the room and live mixing, ensures the dance floor is full all night.

I also throw the sax into the mix for good measure. It creates an infectious energy, and is a sure fire way to bring the party vibes up to an 11. The look on grandma’s face when the DJ suddenly whips out the sax and serenades her to Careless Whisper is priceless. The crew putting up hands to their mouths pretending to play sax to Jubel is also fun. The addition of the sax does provides for great memories and makes for awesome photos.

As I’m not an agency (it’s just me), my clients also have direct access to me and know exactly who is turning up on their wedding night. Coming from a legal background, I pride myself on providing quick and reliable communication with my couples, and strive to make the entire process easy. Couples are also welcome to lean on me for any queries or recommendations throughout the planning process, where I’m more than happy to provide tips and tricks for their run sheet that maximises the most out of their special day.

If you think we’ll make a great team, please get in touch.