‘”Why would you want to spend TIME WITH ALEX?”‘ said no one ever….Ok, look that sentence was actually really tough to type. Bio writing certainly isn’t a forte of mine as it feels like I’m standing atop of a tall tower, shamelessly yelling at people reasons why I’m qualified enough to capture their precious memories.

Well, truth is, I believe wedding photography is more about understanding people than it is about my own technical ability with a camera. It’s more about listening and telling the stories you’ve told me and experienced firsthand through images. Because everything on a wedding day matters because people matter. The depths of effort people put in matters. The little touches matter. All the thoughts matter. The laughter matters. The tears matter. The journey matters. It all matters, because two people get up in front of the people they love and say ‘this is who we are’, and that, to me, is why I LOVE giving people reminders of the love that exists in their lives.

But why me? Why would you spend more time with me than you will your new spouse on your wedding day? Y’know what? I don’t think I could answer that question without sounding pretentious but what I have found is that if you like my work and we make an effort to get into the same room as each other for an hour, history has shown me that you’ll want to spend your wedding day with me by your side, cheering your new marriage on.