Hey, sweet things! I am the marriage celebrant for renegade lovers, committed to personalized hitchings that make everybody feel good.

My ceremonies are untraditional, lighthearted, warm and engaging. No cookie-cutter scripts, maximum good vibes and absolutely zero sh*t bits.

My ceremonies start with your guests cheering, I don’t even need to ask your faves to make some noise, I have greeted them as they arrive and we are all old mates in no time.

Personally, I am super mellow. A dance-walking, motorcycle riding, boogie queen who is a little dorky and super friendly. Professionally, it’s much of the same experience with an expert guide to creating a killer ceremony, including tips on how to nail those personal vows that I know so many of you dread writing.

Here are the two main rules I run my biz by Firstly, you don’t want your ceremony to feel like it’s dragging on with any fluff that feels insincere. How many snooze fests *ahem, I mean weddings* have you been to that just don’t resonate with the people they are meant to be celebrating?! I work closely with my couples to create an experience with them that is FOR them. It’s comfortable, it’s easy, and it is undeniably the most delicious part of wedding planning. Second – I treat my couples like they’re family because they are. Connection, authenticity and finding all those juicy ceremonial nuggets cant be achieved by a stranger. Get on in here and make yourself comfy

Sheridan xxxx