Take a moment and think of all the weddings you have ever attended. What do you remember the most? The bride’s gown, obvs. But what question do you find yourself asking as soon as you get a moment? “My giddy aunt love, where did you get those shoes?!” So, you may not sound like a cheeky British middle-aged man but still, we are right aren’t we?!

The moral of this story is, lovely readers, never, ever underestimate the impact of a swathe of good accessories. Your wedding day may well be the only day of your life that you can justify decking yourself out head to toe in all the sweet jewels you like. Our advice? If you have ever fancied donning that super extra pair of heels or silky headscarf, now is the time.

We can’t promise you are going to finish this post without a decent wish-list but we have covered all price points so there is no danger here. We have also catered to all styles with celestial gems from Ruusk through to boho crystals and classic pearly goodness.

We have trawled through our fave brands to bring you this carefully curated list full of everything from quirky bridal bags through to Amelie George’s sweet freshwater pearl pins. We have statement pieces from Kitte and heirloom jewels from Meadowlark.

Enjoy perusing soft velvet heels, courtesy of the Chaos & Harmony (a.k.a. the footwear gods), and crystal goodness from our go-to gal over at Krystle Knight. Diamond Exchange has you sorted for finger bling whilst Grew & Co are more than happy to adorn your lobes with their brand spanking new hexagon hoops.

If you want more bling from us please do head on over to our 25 Uniquely Embellished Bridal Gowns blog post, after you are done here of course. So, without further ado, please scroll down for some serious gold (and silver)…

Amber Sceats Grande Amara Earrings, $269. Shop online at Amber Sceats.

Cult Gaia Alia Mule, $550. Shop online at Cult Gaia.

Krystle Knight Mini Glory Quartz Necklace, from $89, Blooming Lotus Coin Necklace, from $159, Calming Quartz Bracelet, $89, Blooming Lotus Coin Bracelet, from $109, Mini Glory Quartz Ring, from $59. Shop online at Krystle Knight Jewellery.

Alix Yang Sage Bracelet, $98, Sofia Bangle, $105. Shop online at Alix Yang.

Amelie George Freshwater Pearl Pins, $90 for a set of three. Shop online at Amelie George.

Grew & Co Large Hexagon Hoops in Rose Gold, $5315. Shop online at Grew & Co.

RUUSK Diamond Square Pendant Necklace, from $1040, Large Pendant Necklace, from $1065, Diamond Sol Necklace, from $1580, Lola Ring, from $1100. Shop online at RUUSK.

Chaos & Harmony Eternal High Heel in Champagne, $279. Shop online at Chaos & Harmony.

Kate & Kole Charmed Letter and Chain, $125. Shop online at Kate & Kole.

Diamond Exchange Olivia Molly Round, from $2,625. Shop online at Diamond Exchange.

Kitte Envy Earrings, $99. Shop online at Kitte.

St Agni Ines Sandal, $289. Shop online at St Agni.

Meadowlark Sunset Earrings, from $475. Shop online at Meadowlark.

Cult Gaia Astraea Bag, $585. Shop online at Cult Gaia.

Eloise Panetta Small Silk Scarf, $55. Shop online at Eloise Panetta.

Meadowlark Thea Necklace in Gold, $2129. Shop online at Meadowlark.

Krystle Knight Allure Collection, from $59. Shop online at Krystle Knight.

Grew & Co The Arrow Band in 18ct Gold, from $800. Shop online at Grew & Co.

Sophie Store Little Letter Stud Gold, $24. Shop online at Sophie Store.

RUUSK Celestial Collection, from $1000 each. Shop online at RUUSK.