Happy Friday friends! TGIF, right? Right! And we’re taking the opportunity to get you all revved up for the weekend with a bout of shopping (we’re click and buy friendly here, folks!) or if you wish, just the opportunity to simply swoon over some damn good looking gowns for as long as you so shall wish.

Now, as you may well have seen, we have recently gone all out in the fashion department for the women who want to turn a few heads on their big day. There’s 20 of Our Fave Short But Sweet Gowns and 20 Bridal Gowns With Smokin’ Statement Necklines (yes, it’s a mouthful, but gawd it’s a goodie guys) and now we are coming in hot with 20 of our favourite 90s style gowns worth wearing. So go on, dive in. They speak for themselves and provide some serious food for thought, even if you lived through this epic era the first time round.

I mean, the options are endless, but what speaks the loudest is the jaw-dropping fabrics (luxe silks for the win!), necklines and sleeves (or lack thereof) that nod to the nineties without the OTT trimmings (or making the mistake of combining all of these elements together). The result? A much cooler take on the trend. So look for one-shoulder styles, cut-outs (hi, Prea James), sleeves (the puffier, the better, thank you Karen Willis Holmes), sheer overlays (like the Alca Line Bride number) and slip dresses for days (Lilia Cass and Fiona Claire we’re looking at you).

So if you like what you see, lock in a time with your local boutique. When it comes to gowns (and everything, really) we do love to first and foremost support local, so for Sydney lasses, head into some of our faves, Love Marie Bridal Boutique and Hope x Page (don’t miss some epic real weddings linked to Hope X Page’s Directory listing here), if you’re in ACT, Mrs Fray is for you and if you’re in South Australia, check out The Bride Lab.

Finally, once you’re done scrolling (and swooning) over the dresses below, head on over to 20 Cool Veils and Capes for Your Wedding Day to get some serious ideas on how to accessorise them.

Prea James The Brooke Gown, $3905. Make an appointment at Hope X Page (NSW) or Mrs Fray (ACT)

Lilia Cass the Nina Tie Top, $585 and the Sophie Skirt, $620 styled over the Bias-Cut Slip Skirt, $410, by Lilia Cass.

White Story Aphrodite Maxi Dress, $595, shop online at White Story.

Amaline Vitale Gigi Gown, $POA, Make an appointment at The Bride Lab (SA).

Lola Varma Yanna Gown, $4050 and Vida Robe, $380, Make an appointment at Mrs Fray (ACT).

Alca Line Bride Juno with Short Slip, $3330, by Alca Line Bride.

Fiona Claire Spaghetti Strap Slip Gown, $2490, shop online at Fiona Claire.

Karen Walker Ritual Gown, $2231.56, shop online at Karen Walker.

L’eto Bridal Piece 30, from $6700. Shop online at L’eto Bridal.

Alexandra Grecco Gown, $POA. Make an appointment at The Bride Lab (SA) or Hope X Page (NSW).

Alon Livne White Cassie Gown, $POA, Make an appointment at Helen Rodrigues.
Galvan London Portofino Silk Bridal Dress, from $1772, shop online at Galvan London. Jane Hill Saint Gown, $5000 (approx), Enquire at Love Marie Bridal Boutique (NSW).
Chosen by One Day Jordan Gown, $5995, shop online at One Day or Enquire at Love Marie Bridal Boutique (NSW).Rachel Gilbert Reed Gown, $1999, shop online at Rachel Gilbert.

Manning Cartell Dream Girl Dress, $699, shop online at Manning Cartel.
Karen Willis Holmes Audrey Gown, $5990, Karen Willis Holmes.
Dan Jones DAYDREAM Dress, $5000, Make an appointment at Hope X Page (NSW).

Rime Arodaky TBA, Shop online at Rime Arodaky. Vagabond Bridal Homer Gown, $POA, Enquire at Love Marie Bridal Boutique.