If you’ve been hanging out with us for a while, you might already know that Grace Loves Lace is one of our all-time fave labels here at Hello May, and we don’t think it’s hard to see why. But since they’ve just launched their newest ready-to-wear capsule collection, Bisou Bisou (French for ‘kiss kiss’ – omg, we love), we thought we’d take this opportunity to not only share the gorg fresh drop with you but also explain in a little more detail exactly why Grace Loves Lace tops so many of our most-wanted lists.

But first, can we just take a hot moment for Bisou Bisou, which features two dreamy, sophisticated and sexy ready-to-wear gowns (Carmen, left, and Valentina, right, both $2800) and the heavenly Celestial Veil ($660), which is intricately embellished with glass crystals for all the sparkle you need on the big day.

We’re loving on these new looks hard, friends, but if you need even more reasons to hurry on into your nearest Grace Loves Lace showroom (they’ve got four in Australia, plus 22 stockists worldwide), here are five gosh-darn great ones off the top of our heads…

1. They’re all about inclusivity

First up, Grace Love Lace is about E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E getting their hands on their dream dress. That’s why their ready-to-wear gowns are available in XS-XXL, and they can create their dreamy made-to-order looks up to 5XL. “We are committed to designing and producing luxurious and ethical wedding gowns that women feel confident and comfortable in, whilst keeping them at an accessible price point,” they say.

They also take gender inclusivity seriously at GLL, too, which we are so very here for. “We’re thrilled to welcome our transgender and non-binary customers into our showrooms, regardless of what stage they are at in their transition,” they share. “We’re committed to inclusion, diversity and equality and we continually strive to evolve our showroom experience to ensure we’re contributing to a future that includes everyone.” Love. That. So. Much.

2. All these gowns are Aussie made

Do we love supporting local, or do we love supporting local? We LOVE supporting local (are you picking up what we’re putting down?) and so does Grace Loves Lace. The Australian label is wholeheartedly committed to keeping every single bit of the production process here on Aussie shores, from the design to sampling and creation. All these delish styles are crafted either in their studio in Burleigh Heads, Qld, or one of their partner studios, minimising the brand’s carbon footprint – which, btw, is also a major win for sustainability.

The GLL team’s dedication to keeping manufacturing in Australia and championing the skills and heritage of local dressmaking also feeds into their sustainability values. These babies are not mass-produced, friends – in fact, more than 80% of their gowns are made to order, ensuring there’s no excess stock ending up in local landfill. And no, this doesn’t mean they’ll cost you a motza – plenty of these dreamy dresses come in at under $3k.

3. Affordable bridal accessories? They’ve got ’em!

Along with the brand-spanking-new blinged-out Celestial Veil (above, $660) from the Bisou Bisou collection, Grace Loves Lace has All Of The Bridal Accessories you could ever wish for. Seriously, there’s nothing you won’t tick off your list, from your head to your toes.

We’re talking short veils, long veils, pearl-covered and sparkly veils; pretty headbands, garters, plus jewellery (hello, classic and statement earrings, anklets, and even glam backpieces!) and clutches galore – even a wedding-day backpack that is *chef’s kiss*.

Then there are the shoes… Oh! The shoes! Sexy heels, comfy slides and even wedding day sneaks for hitting the d-floor in style. You’ll be hard-pressed finding a range of delish added extras as phenom as this anywhere else.

4. They’re on the cutting edge of innovation

You guys… this is pretty impressive. Grace Loves Lace have invented their very own eco lace to create their lush gowns. (FYI, it’s certified by the Global Recycled Standard, an international body that sets requirements for recycled content, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions – so, ya know, kind of a big deal.) The exclusive Grace lace is crafted from 100% recycled materials and if that’s not worthy of a high five we don’t know what is.

The new Carmen gown features recycled lining and eyelash trim, along with eco buttons; and we have to give a special shoutout to the Peaches Pearl Gown, which features the eco luminescent pearl lace crafted from 100% recycled materials – plus, lining, eyelash trim and satin-covered bustle button crafted from repurposed materials.

As if all that goodness wasn’t enough, GLL is also transitioning to using the lushest satin made from 97% recycled materials. And, of course, they’re always on top of all the latest techniques for peak gown perfection. Don’t believe us? Just check out the way the new liquid-like double-layer ivory satin in the Valentina gown (above) drapes on the body like a waterfall. Heaven.

5. These are some seriously comfortable & stylish wedding dresses

Zero can’t-breath-or-eat moments here, folks. Grace gowns are designed for comfort and movement – aka no corsetry or rigid boning – because that d-floor is calling your name and you need to be able to drop it low when the time comes. It’s all about the stretch factor, giving you room to boogie, laugh and eat all of the wedding cake (which, let’s be real, is one of the event’s most important moments).

Plus there are So Many Styles. You want long-sleeved wedding dresses? You’ve got ’em. Strapless gowns? Yup. How about a two-piece look? Uh, yes, Grace has them too! Whether you’re a buttery-soft satin kinda bride or want something in a sumptuous silk, lush lace or delicious stretch crepe, you are sorted. And frankly, any dress you can pair with a sequinned boot gets a big tick from us!


CREDITS Photographer Samm Blake