Oh Alice, you always make us want to grab a parasol and go outside and play. In her latest collection titled ‘In My Dreams We Were Flying’, designer Alice McCall once again takes us on an imaginary journey, back to a time when we were carefree and life was all about having fun.

For anyone actually getting married, this pastel and white collection offers a unique alternative for the non-bridal bride. We would die to see someone in McCall’s mint-coloured, scalloped top and skirt set. Or a bridesmaid in one of her sweet, short dresses. This collection reminds us that Spring is most certainly here, and we’re a little bit excited!

To pre order this most excellent collection, including this ‘Long Time Gone’ white dress featured above simply head to her online store! Oh how we can’t wait to see a summer time bride rocking this look pop up in our inbox!

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CREDITS Alice McCall