Designed and handmade by the ever so talented Lucie Ferguson, Babyanything is a Sydney based jewellery label that we just can’t get enough of. Made with precious metals Lucie designs for the ‘Babyanything girl’, a paradox. She could be the sweet blonde swaying at a Fleetwood Mac concert or the brunette going steady with the baddest boy in town.

Having graduated with a Fine Arts Degree in Jewellery and Object Design and packing in years of industry experience, Lucie wanted to do things her way. Each piece is handcrafted from precious metals, from bulky biker skulls to dainty keepsake heart rings. Babyanything’s latest collection (shot by Saskia Wilson) is aptly named ‘Dream Girl‘. A range made for the “modern day Siren”, Dream Girl features hint of gold and silver and was inspired by travelling Europe in the 70’s, stargazing, the Zodiac and holiday romances.

This new collection is pretty awesome, we must say! We are loving all the bits and pieces, but the Zodiac Necklace, the gorgeous Destiny Hoop Earrings and the Ophion Snake Ring. Want to see more from Babyanything? Keep an eye out for Issue 16, featuring Owner/Creative Director Lucie’s wedding!

Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_2 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_3 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_4 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_5 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_6 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_7 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_8 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_9 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_10 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_11 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_12 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_13 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_14 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_15 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_16 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_17 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_18 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_19 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_20 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_21 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_22 Babyanything_DREAMGIRL_SS16_24 Babyanything-Dreamgirl-Ocean

CREDITS Jewellery and Creative Direction Babyanything // Photos Saskia Wilson // Hair and makeup Casey Gore // Model Tallulah Morton.