BHLDN has become one of our main go-to sites for wedding items, both big and small. The reason? We always unearth cool new products that are budget friendly and most importantly, a little bit different.

The latest range of accessories on our radar at the moment are these delicate and drool-worthy earrings – some of which are exclusive to BHLDN. Many are made in Italy and the US from organic, semi-precious stones like quartz and crystal and quality metals.

A lovely way to decorate any outfit, these designs are noticeable yet timeless and not too over the top. We particularly love the Lettice Drops by Sorelli the Anticipation Quartz Drops and the Arabesque Chandeliers by Rada. Check out their website for a boat load of wedding inspiration and ideas or see some of their previous collections here, here and here.

Then head to the Hello May directory for more fabulous accessories like these Forever Soles barefoot sandals!

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