Last year, we brought you the Bridal Trousseau’s first lingerie collection and bride’s everywhere understandably lost their sh*t (pardon our French). It’s the reason why today, we are so excited to bring you an exclusive first look at their newest collection, The Parisienne.

Inspired by the intoxicating romanticism of Paris and its people, this collection is timeless, effortless and elegant all at the same time. With feminine, flirtatious designs crafted from delicate lace and soft satin so beautiful we find ourselves wondering why we even wear clothes at all. Seriously, perhaps this could be our new office attire…

Bringing a little bit of luxury and playfulness to the wedding world, we have no doubt that this collection, just like the last, will cause quite a stir (in the best kind of way, of course). Stocked by BHLDN and The Babushka Ballerina, the Bridal Trousseau’s gorgeous new range of panties, lace bras, bodysuits and robes will be available online via their website by next week. Let the countdown begin!

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CREDITS Photos Alex Pena // Lingerie Bridal Trousseau // Designer and Creative Director Adelina Paulo // Model Arielle Panta.