We are loving the bold contrast in Carla Zampatti latest collection, aptly titled Darker/Lighter, who’s latest designs are oh-so perfect for the modern day stylish bride-to-be. But then again anyone born and raised in Italy is bound to have impeccable taste flowing through their veins!

This collection is carefully detailed making each and every garment pack and alluring punch! We love the hints of blue and gold used with out and can’t wait to see anyone of these designs swan down the aisle on a bride this coming Spring / Summer.


If you are thinking the ‘Prima Ballerina’ gown above looks decidedly familiar then you would be correct! We featured this gorgeous gown in issue six of Hello May magazine, on sale now and stocked in newsagents nationally. You can get a glimpse of it in action (and almost being gobbled up by a very inquisitive sheep) here in our behind the scenes film by The White Tree.

carla-zampatti-bridal-gown-wedding-dress carla-zampatti-bridal-gown-wedding-dress4 carla-zampatti-bridal-gown-wedding-dress2 carla-zampatti-bridal-gown-wedding-dress3 gold-white-carla-zampatti-bridal-gown-wedding-dress2 carla-zampatti-bridal-gown-wedding-dress5 carla-zampatti-bridal-gown-wedding-dress6

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