Based on the Gold Coast,Crown of Eden specialises in making high quality floral headbands and headpieces that are versatile and lightweight. When Chloe of Crown of Eden contacted Sophie Baker Photography and asked if she’d like to be part of a little spring collaborative ‘just because’ shoot to showcase some children’s flower crowns, she immediately (and excitedly) said “yes!”

“Working mostly in weddings, it’s so nice for us to play with something a little different and photograph without expectation,” explains Sophie. While Chloe’s two requests were that the model (darling little Sienna) have a blank expression and to use clean, white walls, the rest of the creative license was Sophie’s.

“Being so used to gorgeous smiley flower girls, I really enjoyed this styled shoot as a change of pace. The final set of images is my favourite, playing were some deeper, moodier window light.” The turnout, as you can see, is a gorgeous inspiration shoot showcasing Crown of Eden’s lovely flower crowns alongside adorable Vintage Sistas dresses and makeup by Purely Massage & Beauty. Wowza!

sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-006 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-019 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-029 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-040 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-044 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-055 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-066 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-076 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-079 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-085 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-090 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-101 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-106 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-120 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-125 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-130 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-139 sophie-baker-photographycrown-of-eden-143

CREDITS Flower crowns Crown of Eden via Etsy // Photos Sophie Baker Photography // Dresses Vintage Sistas // Makeup Purely Massage & Beauty.