Having started out as a stylist for various fashion magazines, French designer Donatelle Godart first had the idea of launching a bridal gown collection after drawing her very own wedding dress. The brand, inspired by the sensitive universes of David Hamilton and Jane Birkin, surprises by shaping pieces where freshness and femininity are inseparable.

Donatelle’s second collection has just recently been released and affirms her taste for noble materials: embroidered tulle, guipure lace and luscious silks. Working on a subtle balance between elegance and sensuality the 2016 range is both romantic and captivating, each dress tells a poetic story in its own way. Each gown is tailor-made in Dontalle’s Paris studio and designed according to a harmony between refined finishes and delicate cuts that demonstrate her elegant signature style.

In order to get your hot little hands on one of Donatelle’s exquisite designs however you’ll need a few thousand euros, a current passport and approximately 140,000 frequent flyer miles (we checked!). So before you rush off to Paris take a moment to sit back, relax and admire these dreamy images by Romina Shama.

Clear02 Clear06 Clear10 Dream52 Dream54 Dream57 Dream58 Glimpse14 Glimpse19 Glimpse20 Glimpse21 Multitude46 Multitude47 Multitude49 Promise22 Promise24 Promise29 Says59 Says66 Says69 Song71 Song74 Sunset75 Sunset77 Sunset81 Truth30 Truth36 Truth41

CREDITS Photos Romina Shama //Bridal gowns Donatelle Godart.