We’ve been waiting with baited breath for the launch of For The Love of Grace, a label that has finally answered the call for versatile, romantic and affordable bridesmaids dresses. Hallelujah! Spawned from bohemian bridal label Grace Loves Lace, For The Love of Grace is proudly designed and made in Australia.

Their debut collection She Dreams in Colour, shot on location at Shamba Malaika, is like any lovely lady – feminine, pretty and considerate of her wobbly bits. Brought to life in a stunning palette of sorbet hued European laces hand dyed in-house, each unique design is inspired by women seeking something quite special at an affordable price.

Alongside their dreamy She Dreams in Colour collection, For The Love of Grace is also launching their Little Black Dress collection featuring timelessly beautiful black French lace dresses. In other exciting news, they will also be joining Grace Loves Lace in L.A. to unveil their new collections at an exclusive trunk show being held at Apartment A, 652 Mateo Street, Arts District, Downtown LA between 9am and 5pm from October 3  6. Aussie’s abroad or West Coast brides-to-be can register their interest in attending the trunk show here.

for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage2 for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage QLD-for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage2 for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage14 QLD-for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage6 for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage6 QLD-for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage3 for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage8 for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage10 for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage7 for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage9 for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage13 for-the-love-of-grace-loves-lace-bridesmaids-dress-boho-gypsy-vintage15


CREDITS Photos Sybil Steele // Cinematography Johnny Abegg // Bridal gowns For The Love of Grace // Hair and Makeup Ashlea Penfold // Model Annabel Moore // Location Shamba Malaika