Forever Soles is one of those innovative local brands that get you pondering “why didn’t I think of that?”. They launched in 2012 with their unique barefoot sandals – embellished foot jewels using pearls, crystals and crochet, but wait for the catch – minus the soles.

These “sandals” are perfect for the bohemian beach wedding where feeling the sandy earth between your toes is the name of the game. With much success, founder and designer Angie Geurs and her small Byron Bay team have been fast-expanding their range, offering shoes (with soles), earrings and other accessories for the free-spirited bride.

We’re stoked to showcase their latest 2018 Tallow collection shot by Byron Bay babe Carly Tia, and which is described by designer Angie so romantically, we could easily just throw in the towel and head down to the beach for some all-day splish-splashing and frolicking in the last of summer’s sun.

“The Tallow collection is the ray of first light and the soothing melody of your favourite song. She is the feeling of the sand between your toes with the fierceness of the cold of the water when it first hits. Laid-back but adventurous, a lover of home but well traveled, she is a million things and one.”

Shop Forever Soles’ new collection and so much more here.

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