We’ve got a bit of a thing here in the HM office for work boots with bridal gowns. We kinda dig them. Perhaps it’s the inner tomboy coming out in us, we don’t know, but what we do know is we freaking loving this latest shoot from our mates at Grace Loves Lace.

Photographed by the talented Ali Mitton, this shoot showcases a selection of bridal gowns from the Grace Loves Lace range, including the Natalia, a personal favourite of ours, and perfect for the laid back more casual bride amongst us! Featuring stunning stretch French lace cups and flattering fitted waist with a spectacular panelled skirt of soft French lace and Italian embroidery, it’s hard not to love it!

Grace Loves Lace have also recently released an ‘everyday’ collection we think you should check out. Think body suits, slips, gowns and throws made up of only the most delicate black and white lace and you are on the right track…

grace-loves-lace-boho-bridal-gown grace-loves-lace-boho-bridal-gown-budget4 grace-loves-lace-boho-bridal-gown-budget5 grace-loves-lace-boho-bridal-gown4 grace-loves-lace-boho-bridal-gown-budget6 grace-loves-lace-boho-bridal-gown3 grace-loves-lace-boho-bridal-gown6 grace-loves-lace-boho-bridal-gown9 grace-loves-lace-boho-bridal-gown8

CREDITS Photos Ali Mitton // Bridal gowns Grace Loves Lace // Stylist Megan Ziems // Location Shamba Malaika, Currumbin Valley // Model Julia