Grace isn’t the only one who loves lace… We’ve got to admit, we’re pretty obsessed ourselves. Well-known for their handmade gowns, high quality and use of luxurious materials, Grace Loves Lace espouses a fresh and unique approach to the bridal wear industry.

Geared toward the modern, free-spirited woman, Grace Loves Lace has made a name for itself as the go-to for ladies looking for timeless and sophisticated boho-luxe fashion.

Having pioneered the untraditional bridal space since 2011, the wedding mogul behind the designs set out to reinvent the bridal party aesthetic. That means you, too, bridesmaids! La Nouvelle Belle was made especially for you. Literally meaning “the new beautiful”, La Nouvelle Belle represents the emergence of the new generation bridesmaid.

“When it comes to bridesmaids, it’s important to acknowledge the significance of each individual and your unique memories. Grace Loves Lace understands that cookie-cutter styles just won’t do,” explains Grace Loves Lace founder and Creative Director, Megan Ziems.

La Nouvelle Belle throws tradition to the wind with modern and fashionable styles that will transform the way people engage with the label, yet stay true to their age-old philosophy while applying it to an entirely new Grace Loves Lace girl.

This new range takes Grace Loves Lace’s signature European laces & stunning silhouettes, to create a whole new perspective to bridal dressing. Envisioned in a palette of pastel and pearlescent hues, the mood is symbolic of what La Nouvelle Belle represents; a fresh approach to being a bridesmaid – the unique bridesmaid.

La Nouvelle Belle will be released in two editions. ‘La Nouvelle’ will be available for purchase in April, with pre-sale beginning tomorrow, Thursday March 10th, and ‘Belle’ will be available in June so keep your eyes peeled… They’ll be here before you know it!

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