Our Hello Vendor profiles give you the chance to meet the people behind the brand. We’ve introduced you to celebrants, stationery designers and musicians and today we are pumped to catch up with Michele Corty of Rue De Seine who works tirelessly behind-the scenes creating and collecting beautiful, one-of-a-kind gowns for the free-spirited bride.

Tell us a little about your background? I came from a £Ready-to-Wear— background in Paris. I believe that following current trends and high-end fashion allows us to look at bridal from a different point of view.

How did you get into the bridal gown game? I started designing bridal for my own wedding. I was so inspired by all the laces and fabrics, that I knew this was the next step in my career.

Talk us through a typical day? Oh my goodness! The studio is buzzing by 8am and busy until late. The morning is mostly meetings with different parts of the team followed by fittings, concepting and planning. We started off as one and now have 20 enormously talented people that make up our team. We are proud to say that all of our dresses are made in the Rue De Seine studio in New Zealand.

Where do you find your inspiration? This season we found our inspiration from travel, nomadic tribes and our own brides planning their weddings around nature.The entire process has been a dream and I have never been more excited to present a collection.

You also have a pretty impressive vintage collection My parents are antique collectors, so vintage has always been a part of my life. I started collecting gowns well before I started Rue De Seine as a hobby and decided to showcase a few in our Auckland boutique. The gowns only lasted on our racks for a few hours and so I brought in more. Now we have dedicated half the studio to restoring these beauties for our brides. They have been sourced all over the world and can be purchased in our boutique or online.

Where did the name Rue De Seine come from? My husband and I lived and were married on this street in Paris. I have so many beautiful memories there and this bohemian neighbourhood filled with artists and lovers continues to be a constant source of inspiration to our brand.

Top places to eat, shop and sleep in Paris? To eat, Mary Celeste in the Marais is my current fave! The deviled eggs and cocktails will change your world. Colette for new designers, Printemps for an afternoon of bliss and Porte De Clignancourt for vintage. Hotel Costes is fabulous for ambience in a great neighbourhood.

Talk to us about your new collection? The New Collection is called £Nomadic Love— and is inspired by travel, different cultures and loves journey. This collection has beautiful bold laces, textures and hand beading that reflect diverse parts of the world. Each gown is romantic, effortless and embodies the bohemian nature of our brides.

Nomadic Love will be available in September 2015 via The Babushka Ballerina in Brisbane, Through The White Door in Perth and The Bridal Atelier in Sydney and Melbourne. To see the full collection, click here. You’ll also find a Rue De Seine gown on the cover of issue ten, on sale TODAY at selected newsagents nationally.

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CREDITS Photo Danelle Bohane //Bridal gowns Rue De Seine.