Designed by Katharine Polk, Houghton Bride was created for women who want to look chic, fashionable and sexy on their wedding day. Inspired by style icons Katharine Hepburn and Bianca Jagger, Houghton Bride is an entirely new vision of what luxury bridal wear can be: unpretentious and comfortable.

Using only the finest materials including 100% imported silk, exquisite French laces, cashmeres and light wools from Milan and Switzerland, these gowns are executed with impeccable attention to detail. Often featuring hand sewn embroideries, appliques and extraordinary beadwork, each and every piece is handmade to order in New York City.

Offering a range of stylish yet elegant gowns, skirts, tailored suits and more, the Houghton Bride 2016 collection has got it all. From the mini bomber jacket in vintage lace to a baby doll shirtdress in ice blue sequins on chiffon, these pieces offer brides key pieces to sport at the wedding, honeymoon and beyond.

Available exclusively at The Bridal Atelier in Sydney and Melbourne later in the year, click here to make an appointment and try one of these beauties on.

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