We’ve had our eye on designer Jannie Baltzer for quite some time now. Since first introducing her to our readers in 2013 and again back in January, Jannie has made an impression on us from the get-go. With her 2016 collection just unleashed from the vault, Jannie has taken the bridal headpiece world by storm. Inspired by the lightness of Scandinavian nature and design, she was inspired to combine the natural elements and beauty of a Swedish summer with a honeymoon feel.

“I imagined a couple celebrating their wedding or honeymoon  just the two of them having the most wonderful time, feeling free, laughing and celebrating love,” explains the designer, whose newest collection is rustic with lots of texture and opulent Preciosa crystals. A tribute to Scandinavian style, lightness and design, Jannie perfectly attains a simple yet bohemian feel with this latest range.

Styles like Rosie (Jannie’s favourite piece) and Ella, an extravagant headpiece with French lace, pearls and honey-gold crystals, have left us captivated and begging for more. Unfortunately if you want to get your hands on one of these stunners, you’ll need about 475,000 Frequent Flyer points since they haven’t hit Australian shores yet. Or you can simply do the Millenial thang and order online!

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CREDITS Photos Sandra Aberg // Headpieces and veils Jannie Baltzer // Bridal gowns Yolan Cris // Hair and makeup Mia Jeppson // Rings Ole Lynggaard // Location Ystad Saltsjû?bad, Sweden.